All in the Family: An Inner City Rose Garden


The story of the Rose Garden bathroom is a seamless collaboration with my architect father, Allan Greenberg. The collaborative creative process is one of the great joys of my life.

A Midtown Manhattan apartment, where noise and concrete can overwhelm the senses, offers a garden-like bathroom with flowers blooming and birds singing. To make a garden sanctuary, Allan designed the architectural elements, mirror accents, and rounded walls for the illusion of continuous space. We brainstormed our vision for design and color as my team and I spent two weeks creating and drawing up the garden life-size on these huge pieces of paper on the wall.

Our process was to roll clay slabs, transfer the drawing onto the clay, hand cut each piece, fire, glaze, fire again. We worked in small sections, and at the end were held together with a clear face-adhesive. Each section was numbered for the tile setter.

We shipped it to New York and the entire piece was assembled and laid out on the floor on site before the installation began. The timeline was 3 months from drawing to completion.

Every step of this project was throughly enjoyable: collaborating with my father, working with my team and with the installer to create this innovative room that functions as a tranquil little world within a bustling city.


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Ruth and Allan Greenberg speaking with Entra Magazine's Durston Saylor about working together and their over 18 years of collaboration.









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