Perennial Collection: Connecting Nature, Line and Form


The inspiration for this collection of 9 designs was my love of antique wallpapers and vintage textiles as well as the magnetic pull of nature and its movement. These timeless elements inspired me to name it the Perennial Collection — creating tiles that evoke the past, are on point today, and will endure in 100 years.

All 9 designs possess a beautiful scale and several repeat diagonally, allowing for a fluid aesthetic that tricks the eye making the room feels more spacious. A diagonal repeat is a huge benefit and rare in the tile world since it’s too labor intensive for mass-production. The Perennial Collection embodies a thoughtful and timeless aesthetic.

Paying homage to English Arts & Crafts textiles, Chinese Brush painting, Chinoiserie and wallpaper from 1600s-1900s, these designs reveal a sophistication that warms any room.

The nature motifs create powerful transformations, such as Wheat as a backsplash, Climbing Leaf for an accent wall and Quince, perhaps the most multipurpose, for any space.

The Perennial Collection debuted in 2008, and now I offer it exclusively to clients and through Ann Sacks. Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, the collection has developed a loyal following amongst design aficionados.

This collection is easy to order — ships in sections with a face-adhesive — and easy-to-install.


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